What started as a modest investment for a small Wisconsin farmers’ union is a highly decorated brand endorsed around the globe today. Answering an opportunity to supply a blue cheese products company, the farmers’ union transformed an old ice cream factory into an operation capable of providing a consistent volume of quality marbled cheeses.

Soon Montforte blue cheese and gorgonzola were capturing attention. Montforte Gorgonzola was declared the best in the world at the 2006 World Cheese Championship, and Montforte Blue won first in its class at the American Cheese Society competition that same year. Just like that, a simple business venture became a success story worthy of the world stage.

It could be the influences of their ice cream ancestors that give Montforte cheeses such silky, creamy texture. More likely, it’s the small-batch, hand-crafted approach that places Montforte among the finest artisan cheeses from Wisconsin.